Friday, May 16, 2014

A Giant Woman

So happy Friday All ! I guess this post will mark my first official dev update on my upcoming release "FearTheLight". So "A Giant Woman" (bonus points if you can guess the ref I was thinking off) is the first tech demo of the game showing of the awesome main character. "Aurea" in all her "bad-ass-ness". I say giant because she still looks this good even though she is 20x the original spec'd out model, In other words she is huge! The support assets are all placeholder and some of her animations are missing (namely climbing and ledge hanging) but with that I'm still pretty pumped about the development. 

With it we have some pretty basic character movement and collision detection. I am so freakin excited to have even gotten to this point with her looking so good. That being said there are a couple choppy points where the animation resets in particular when she walks up "irregular terrain" as my college put it. My main focus at this point is "FEEL" I want you as a player to feel good controlling her and while we are not at 100% yet for that I think we are at a good enough a starting point to show something.

But don't take my word for it try it out.

My "Hello World"  for "Fear The Light"

A Giant Woman

*Note I will eventually be moving game related updates to once I work out all the bugs on that site and getting it to "FEEL" good as well. Don't get me wrong, blogger has treated me kindly over the years but I'm starting to feel a bit limited as to what I can do with the site.

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