Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Resources for learning about Inter Process Communication Options in .NET

Remoting is a .net specific technology that is essentially used as a means to communicate between App Domains, process or networks.

More on Remoting

Common Language Runtime (CLR) 

The virtual machine that manages .NET executables and resources. (such as memory) Its at the heart of what make up the .NET Framework

More on the CLR

App Domains

The unit of isolation or "sandbox" in which a .NET application lives. This is similar to a Process but is specific to Applications that use the CLR
- An IPC written in  .net that was made to be a wrapper for other IPC abstractions like msmq, named pipes, com, TCP etc…
(Can talk to any of them or all of them independently of each other)
-WCF can be pretty painful in terms of the learning curve but, if needing to work with other IPC technologies, it can’t be beat.

Resources for WCF
I’d recommend watching an intro video from here.

Couple of good Stack Overflow questions that are more helpful then slogging through MSDN


-WebApi is a simplified wrapper for WCF that works specifically with Web based subset. (Communication via HTTP protocol)
Doesn’t need to be hosted in a website directly. It can be used within stand alone desktop
-A good bit less power but a lot less painful.

Resources For WebApi

The docs and the free pluralsight videos are pretty good.

Additional examples.

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