Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bacon Jam 6 Entry: Slay The Rainbow

Slay The Rainbow

Ello all, Just posting all the links for my Bacon Game Jam 6 entry. I will follow up with a post mortem a bit later. (I.O.U.)


About my Entry 


Slay The Rainbow:Ninja vs Rainbow?
You fight a legion of rainbow monsters armed with nothing but a sword and your ninja agility.
20 seconds to clear the level.
Times running out..... What are you still reading for?????

Technology used

C#, xna, (hak'd together a mod of the starter kit)


Xbox Gamepad

Move -joystick or directional pad 
Attack - X 
Jump - A

move- arrow keys, 
Left - left arrow key ,a 
Right - right arrow, d, 
Jump- space bar, w 
Attack - f

How to play my game. 

***Installation Note Read me first**  this needs to be installed before before running the exe. To install just download and double click.

If you are running some form of windows go ahead and download and extract The executables from the link. If you have a problem please let me know. Thanks.

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