Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Javascript Fundamentals Workshop Columbia, SC

Saturday!   Saturday!    Saturday!

Ello all,

         Saturday May 25 2013 I'm speaking at the Columbia SC branch of It-ology  (located here and rsvp here ) on the fundes of javascript from 9:30 am to 11:30 am*, or as late as you,my dear reader, wants be. From dawn to dusk I shall preach the good word of javascript to all the peoples. ( from the local bar scene or where ever the hell else lol)

The presentation is targeted at those who have some experience programming in some object oriented language and|or have a little js exp but want the nitty gritty stuff. The idea with this course is to make you familiar enough with teh javascript beast to tame it to you oop minded will while opening your mind to some of the unique js stuff that may help improve your existing skill set.

That being said you don't necessarily have to fit this criteria as long as its relevant to your interests

Here are the details....

Javascript Fundementals


This workshop will familiarize participants with the fundamentals of the widely popular but largely misunderstood javascript programming language in a number of different aspects including some good practices, pitfalls, history, trends and additional learning resources.
Target Audience:

People with some knowledge of javascript or another programming language such as java, C# ruby, python, visual basic, ruby etc....

What Will the Attendee Learn?

Attendees will get hands on coding experience in programming in what many consider “the good parts” of javascript to include  objects, functions, closures, prototypes, and design patterns and more.Attendees will also learn about managing the quirks, shortcomings and avoiding the generally “bad parts” of the language.