Saturday, September 1, 2012

About Windows 8 style (Formerly Metro) for WPF Devs

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This post is a list of resources I've used, for those Wpf devs out there who want
to emulate the Windows 8 (Formerly Metro) Style. I shall post more when i find more.

 MahApps Metro


 MahApps.Metro is a pretty nice open source lib that, while not all encompassing, is very much a viable way to go. It has most of the metro versions of the wpf controls styled available, is regularly updated battle tested, has pretty good bit of documentation and examples and is free under the MS-PL licence. However, there is a good bit of ceremony required to set your xaml up properly if you are looking to tweek your existing projects. UI customizable out of the box is pretty limited to the predefined out of the box styles. Unless you roll your own set. Can be brittle due to the specific requirements of setup. Not a bad way to go if you don't need to tweak the UI or modify a preexisting ui.(your better off starting from scratch and using their guidelines ) 

RadControls for WPF  


For the WPF RadControls  in the Telerik offerings,  Metro is a predefined theme that works in getting you most of the way metro out of the box. Granted, its not perfect, but there is definitely a good bit of bang for your buck there. (as you do have to pay for it.) Additional, if your company has a Telerik licence you as a developer are free to use it for your personal, non work related coding goodness.)

Don't take my word for it, Check out their licencing

  Developer Licenses are perpetual and have NO deployment limitations - they allow the use of our controls for an unlimited number of applications spanning various servers and domains.

 So yeah bonus for you if your company has provided you with one. If it is available to you and yours, then it is probably the easier way to go.

Additional Resources on Metro