Saturday, January 21, 2012

Greasemonkey for Noobs

Whipped up a quick login script a bit back that automates the field population for websites.

Get Greasemonkey for firefox and or Greasemonkey for IE

To start with I am going to assume you know javascript. If not tinkering with grease monkey might be a nice platform from which you can leap from after learning the fundamentals. (Start Here)

Before you do anything add your username password and ssn to the script add your username and password to script.

   1:  var currUserId =”your username”;
   2:  var currPassword =”your password”;

Internet Explorer directions using GM
  1. Install GM4IE (greasemonkey for IE ) from
  2. Drop script in C:\Program Files (x86)\GM4IE\scripts\
  3. Set domains to website)
  4. Turn on gm4ie
  5. Let it fly

  1. In FF Tools->Go to Add New User Script
  2. Name the script “auto_login.user”
  3. Select Okay
  4. When prompted for a location add the js script attached
  5. Ensure script is enabled for your webpage by first going to the webpage and insuring the enabled button is selected and the “auto_login.user” script is enabled with the greasemonkey button on the right hand corner of your browser next to the Search bar

Note for FF: If the script is not recognized go to the gmscript folder located in
and insure the js file in that folder matches the js file attached

Note for IE: Apparently gm4ie is no longer available but as an alternative Trixie can be used.

One more thing. Here is a list of grease monkey add-ins available for other browsers. 

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