Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Resources for Online Learning

First draft of a list of free educational resources
I generally try to stay away from blog entries that are just lists of links without any explained relevance or further explanation. However my intent for this would be more of a comprehensive list of places to got to learn stuff (legally) and possible critique for the ones that people have had experience with, to include possible payoff (IE This course really taught me the ins and outs of pointers and it even got me my first job.)


    I'd look at school of webcraft.They have a bit of gamification going on here with badges and a self-paced task centered requirement fulfillment system.
  • Microsoft .toolbox

    Similar to p2pu (probably heavily inspired by) . A bit more structured an approach with videos, quizzes and exercises. Lots of Expression Studio, Silverlight and Web Development specific stuff.
  • Khan Academy

    Not a lot of programming specific stuff but lots of awesome math stuff and general ed related course videos to follow. In the practice area they also have a pretty cool tree of math that shows your progress, complete with achievement badges and energy points and stats (think xp for rpg people).
  • Code Academy

    Among the newer offering, An interactive, go at your own pace, series of course with some gamification mechanics.(Achievements,points, etc.... )
  • Stanford Engineering Everywhere

    Get the Stanford Engineering experience without paying the Stanford College tuition prices.
  • MIT Open Course Ware Site

    Same as the above Stanford resources. Notably this hosts one of the classics.(Of which I've only gone through the first couple bits of the course) Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Update 1/23/2012

Additional (Meta)Resources for finding resources

Opencourseware rankings
The Worlds 50 Best Open Course Ware Collections
Stackexchange Great set of resources for answering questions for just about anything.

Got A Resource I missed?

By All means share one in the comments along with your experience relative to it and I'll be glad to add it.