Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Open Source Projects

A couple of things I dusted off over the weekend.

A WP7 Html TextBlock

This HtmlTextBlock offers a similar level of functionality as to that of its silverlight counterpart which is pretty close to the android equivalent. Its still a bit buggy at times when dealing with more complex tags like the html dtd tag but does the job.... WP7 Html Text Block. The design is largely based on this guy's, and rewriting the web browser related classes using html agility. One day I'll post the details but, blah... Not right now. lol

Monodroid Android Action Bar
Monodroid conversion of Android Action Bar originally written by johannilsson
Its a work in progress at the moment. There is good bit left to go on it.

Commad Line Port Scanner
A C# port scanner I wrote when I was first learning how to program.

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